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What to Expect

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We want your time with us to be a relaxing, empowering and positive experience.

Mallory Psychiatry is often described as being homey and comfortable. We’re located on the first floor of a carriage house. We always strive to put our patients at ease, so we provide soothing beverages, such as coffee, tea and water. There’s also a private waiting room area in addition to our regular reception room. Dr. Mallory’s office itself is cozy and a place where you can feel at ease—we hope you think so, too.

Your First Two Visits

A thorough initial assessment is essential in achieving your wellness goals so it’s most likely that you’ll have three initial visits. Each visit will take about one hour. Depending on the situation, and the age of the patient, each visit will vary.

On the first and second visits, a lot of time will be spent on medical history, clinical information and your goals. Sometimes the appointments will be family only, patient only, or a combination of both. Every case is different and completely customized.

It’s beneficial for us if you can bring in the results of any previous allergy testing, blood work, lab work, nutritional evaluations and psychological testing. Also, any written reports from schools or private therapeutic interventions are helpful.

Please be aware that if you’re able to provide us with this information beforehand, Dr. Mallory will review and analyze this information so that your visit will be more productive. It’s very likely that on the second visit specific blood work and lab tests will be ordered.

Your Third Visit

The third visit is dedicated to what we call a report of findings. We’ll provide you with feedback on what we’ve already analyzed (older testing and recent updates), and suggest a plan of action designed with customized treatment recommendations.

Schedule an Appointment Today

We have confidence in our ability to help. With our combination of functional medicine and state-of-the-art diagnostic testing, patients achieve their goals. Contact us today; we’re happy to answer your questions!


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