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Meet Jess Moon, LCSW

Jess Moon

Jess Moon, LCSW, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Master of Social Work from Springfield College.

I’ve always wanted to work with kids, and I love the therapeutic setting. I realized, though, that the standard medical approach through pharmaceuticals just wasn’t for me. Coming from a behavioral and emotional direction just made more sense to me.

Scope of Practice

Jess offers in-home family therapy as well as appointments at the practice. For in-home therapy, she often works with families who are either being reunited with a child recently discharged from a residential facility, or about to enter one. She finds through her unique therapeutic approach that many of these kids have trauma associated with today’s common stressors: divorce, abuse or death of a parent. Jess also hosts group therapy sessions at the practice.

Her approach includes the following:

  • Artwork therapy to encourage emotional expression
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Helping families to build strong support systems
  • The facilitation of healthy communication in the home
  • Group therapy sessions to create a sense of community and increase social skills
  • Case Management for complex psychiatric conditions

Jess is a conscientious case manager for Mallory Psychiatry. She feels that the collaboration of doctor and therapist is a ideal for a positive patient outcome. This combination helps people to get well and enjoy life again.

On a Personal Note

Jess loves spending time in the outdoors and enjoys exposing her patients to nature as well. She enjoys hiking, music and playing the ukulele.

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